The Life Church Sixty Seconds of Prayers Alexa Skill

The Life Church is on Amazon Alexa! This is so exciting. Each day you can listen to The Life Church sixty seconds of prayers Alexa Skills Flash Briefing for the prayer and scripture of the day. This is a great way to learn the Word of God. I will be sharing a trivia question on the last day of the month from one of the prayers or scripture. Join me in the Facebook Group to post your answer and to see if you got the correct answer.

Here is the link to signup for the daily sixty seconds of prayers question for the month: – Will you be the winner?

Join the Alexa Skills Facebook Group to post your answer and find out if you answered the monthly question correct? Group

The Life Church 2nd Annual GRITS Event

The Life Church Second Annual Girls Raised In The South (GRITS) Event presented by The Life Church Deaconess Deavon Bargeron was a success! Attendees were fed spiritually words of encouragement and engagement by each speaker on the program. Also, we were fed natually with a wonderful breakfast cooked by the Mothers of The Life Church, Mother Lucille Wright and Mother Barbara Mincey. The program ended with an invitation to discipleship and encouragement to attendees to share the gospel with those they encounter to the saving of souls.

GRITS 2021
Sister Wilhemenia Baily
Sister Zenia Sinclair
Mother Lucille, Mother Mincey and Lady Terri B Jones
Sister Shakira Simmons

The Life Church Business Idea Pitch

Are you ready to pitch that business idea you have? Now is your opportunity! Join The Life Church Business Idea Pitch on Sunday, October 31, 2021 at 10:45am. You will be able to share your product, pitch the idea behind your product and what problem it solves and make sales! It is free to participate. You can signup here on Eventbrite – – We look forward to seeing your creativity!

It’s Harvest Festival Time

If you look up the definition of a “harvest festival” you will find the following: traditional celebration held at the time of a harvest (= when crops are cut and collected from the fields):

In line with this time of year, The Life Church Harvest Festival will take place on Saturday, October 30,2021 at 4pm at 7937 Thrasher Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32219. This is a family affair and may be a little different since it’s how we have decided to celebrate this time of year. Bring your family out to have fun playing games, eating hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, cotton candy, popcorn, etc. We will end the day watching a movie together on the big screen together. We look forward to seeing family and friends of The Life Church Members.